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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 24, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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do not land or take off with another airplane on the run way. >> it would have been so much worse. also the death of a jail inmate in the south bay leads to claims of excessive force. with fire clean up underway in the north bay, officials want businesses to know those looking to make a quick buck will be caught. plus -- >> free range bikes. >> and the bicycles making --
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>> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. in san franciscoromfighters grass fire. it to be burning the lands and trail and started half hour ago. >> less than ten minutes ago emergency officials in san francisco sent out a text alert telling people avoid the area. we will keep you updated on abc 7 news at 6:00 and on our app. >> you're looking at sky 7, tal give you a good idea of the roads near the fire. this is near the legend of honor. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. temperatures in the city approaching 90 degrees today.
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>> let's get with drew with more. >> widespread 80s and 90s, nearly 20 s ab normal. at . half mo y. sfo, deges. take you into lands end near the legion of horn where we have that fire burning, temperatures fallen to 76 and the winds with calm. it's still work across the board in many spots. 87, san jose. 83 an yok, livermore 83 degrees. still 70s and 80s by 8:00 and by midnight tonight temperatures cool into the 60s and 70s. we'll take a look at how long this heat stick around. forecast in a few minutes. guys. first in july then again on sunday night, it's two times
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this year that a canada plane has been involved what could have been an accident at sfo. vick lee live with the story. >> reporter: some serious need answerstonighose two inciy disturbing. the faa i sunday nation's inntlane was abo to ge communications break down wit the tower. sunday night air canada flight 791 from montreal was clear to land when another plane was on the run way. air traffic repeat it had instructions to governor around six part-time -- go around six part-times, the pilot did not respond. >> the light is very bright, hand held by the operator, breaks it down out of the
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ceiling, aims it at the cockpit of the airplane. >> reporter: he's flown for three deck raids. >> the lights are so bright and effective that they're difficult to miss. >> reporter: fortunately the jet with air canada landed safely. >> 781 tower. >> yeah air canada 781. >> reporter: the question now, what happened. air canada issued a statement, upon landing the crew performed the tower had attended unsuccessfully. the message was not received by it'sostimib forio maybe. to comprehend a radre orter: a second virmewith radio. time air canada was involved if a potential serious incident at sfo. in july their planes came within 59 feet of crash landing into other planes.
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the pilot mistakenly thought the lee, abc 7 news.ay. ian gonzalez will be tried as adult in the brutal killing of his 8-year-old neighbor. the santa cruz county judge says that adrian's lack of remorse and calm misdemeanor after the killing was the most heinous he'd seen in his years on the bench. he luredler into his pardon me, tied her up, sexually assaulted her, killed her and threw her bottle into a recycling ben. he will be arraigned next month. police arrested people hitting two cyclist. the first un was saturday afternoon when police say a man bumped a bicycle who had minor injuries. investigators say he hit two
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more cyclist. both of those people with severe injuries. we have new information about a hit-and-run that injured two young children. the pa lay owe police released images of a vehicle that may have been connected last night. a white four door with a sunroof. the two girls should be released from the hospital tonight. the 2-year-old boy has undergone surgery for broken bones and will remain in the hospital. it's day two of the the kat. abc 7 news reporter leann mele . today heardthree witnesses tha alleged shooter at pier 14. one of them had pictures of the defendant, the other two were taken to where he was arrested so that they could identify him. these two women were staying in a hotel across the street from pier 14 on july 1st, 2014 when they heard a single gunshot.
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both notice everyone running towards kate steinle except for one person. they identify him today as the defendant, jose garcia serrate. another witness testifying saying she was sitting in one of the swivel metal chairs on the pier, she was close to garcia serrate. she says he was beginning around and around in his chair looking at people and laughing. he thought he was odd but dismissed him as a homeless man. she then took beauty shots at the bay while taking pictures of garcia still sitting in the chair and kate steinle walking past him. it was those pictures that helped police find and identify him an hour later not far from pier 14. >> this is all about the steinle family. my office will do everything they can to bring them joist in this trial. >> the prosecutors maintains garcia intentionally shot steinle with a gun.
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he's charged with second-degree murder. his defense team says he found the gun under the swivel chair and it accidentally went off when he handled the gun wrapped in a cloth. his mentally capacity has never been part of hi defense. >> mental state is a very complicated thing of the law. and in this case i believe the defense -- so that's what we've been pursuing. >> meanwhile the steinle family has been present during these two days. in san francisco, leanne mendes, abc 7 news. >> twitter says it'll provide more information opinion political ads on its service. this follows facebook and intersection of a bill that seeks to bring more transparency to online political ads in an team to -- all of this of course after what happened with russia. it will also require the organization funding the ads to disclose its identity. >> we see them pop up in cities
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all over the bay area, we're talking about bike sharing programs. >> in alameda the programs are different, there are no docking stations and some say that's a problem. laura anthony joins us with the story. >> reporter: what make this is program different from oakland's is that you can pick up this bikes anywhere in the city and drop them off anywhere in the city. some are saying that is the program's biggest draw back. >> they're all over the island of alameda, bright, green and yellow bike it is kind you can rent for a few minutes or hours. though the intentions are good some see these as a problem in the making. alameda residence kelly watson sports bike sharing but without
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bike stations like these, watson says she's seeing the bikes being left in places where maybe they shouldn't. we found these photos on social media showing one bike on the ground, another dropping someone's driveway. >> they're all over the community, and i don't know, raising my own children i never encourage them to leave their toys and bikes out in the front yard. >> reporter: jennifer is the director of transportation planning for the city of alameda. >> as we suspected there are concerns about how the parking is working for these bikes. we're working to address those issues. >> reporter: right now there are 300 bikes total on the island. some people say the program is cruising along just fine. >> the other platform you have to find a docking station to put the bikes in. >> there's teenagers who are opening up the island to
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themselves, getting out of the house. >> reporter: workers going around the city retrieving bikes that are left where they shouldn't be. much more news ahead here on abc 7 news at 6:00. an unnerving snake on the peninsula. no one knows how this python ended up there. also the san francisco stockton airport on hold tonight. a major price hike for yosemity visit torres. the new proposals could double your entrance fee. plus -- >> seven story structure with no rime or reason. >> a first look at a ghost movie at the
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as sonoma county digs in to clear the ashes, leaders want to make victims of fire also don't become victims of those looking for a fast buck. >> more with the story on the families who's lost so much. >> reporter: volunteers are helping sift through the ashes. >> look through and fine valuables that they think may have survived the flames. >> reporter: in a place this eputy used to call home. >> when we left my wife left her wedding ring eporter: some of t being offered is not free. >> we have undertaken just huge
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efforts to address the allegations of price gouging. >> reporter: the district attorney told sonoma county supervisors there are 25 open complaints and at least three could end up in court, whether it's a building contractor or an apartment for rent, they could face jail time if they've raised prices over 10% than what they advertised before the fires. >> if you decided it was a get rich quick opportunity and jacked your price up we're coming after you. >> reporter: the da talked to supervisors, putting offender's pictures in the newspaper. it's aimed at helping families who will need a permanent place to stay. the da asked supervisors to stand down, worried ordnance could slow down the process of sending bad guys to jail. >> i want to make it clear if they vile the law and we can prover it we'll bring them in and hold them accountable. >> reporter: the county is considering ordinances like
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putting a temporary stop to airbnb. in santa rosa, jonathan bloom. abc 7 news. drone 7 has been given special permission to fly over the burned areas and it captured images of different neighborhoods. christian sas sasa -- joins us . >> let's start in the fountaingrove area of santa rosa. this begins over behas owe court where every home is destroyed. now we're here in this area where every home is destroyed except this one right there. it's tough to watch but it gets tougher when you look at how the neighborhood used to look before the fires. beautiful home, and there's the one red roof home that survived. i'll push in there, pause it for you so you can see, that is the
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miracle home that survived. a closer look of before and after. it's unbelievable how just a single home remained standing in an entire neighborhood. we also turned some other drone view photos into still photos so we can see the before and after. check out the winery in napa, this is before. you see the entrance. now take a look, this is after, basically nothing standing except for the two pillars that held up a trouble last. we built a page for you before and affect videos. go to for more. what could cost you more to enjoy the splendor of yosemite the cost has increased by 100%.
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the money will help restore and renovate the parks. if approved the increases will be in effect from may through september. during a recent morning commute, passengers aboard a bus from san jose to palo alto incurred a python. thankfully no one was hurt. chris wen joining us with the story. >> reporter: i have to be honest with you, if this happened to me i'm not quite sure that i would have been able to keep my cool. anyway, that snake is up for adoption here at the peninsula yew main society and a s ca. as for the incident itself, trance officials say this has never happened before. meet rumble snake skin, a python
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that popped up in an unusual place. >> people may have been frightened by they knew enough that know this was an animal that neededhelp. >> reporter: a group of peoe got a surprise one they came face to face on the busch. >> oh god, okay i would not like that. not a fan of snakes. >> reporter: the bus was traveling from san jose to palo alto when someone noticed the snake sitting on the seat. the driver was notified. he drove to the next available stop and cleared the passengers off the bus. >> there was the first time anybody left a pet behind in one of our vehicles. >> reporter: the snake was picked up by palo alto animal control where it stayed for a week before being transferred to the humane society. >> i can't believe it, how did it get on the bus. >> reporter: no one knows how
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rumble snake skin came on the bus but it's clear he usually lived in a home. pythons found in pet stores can grow up to 2 to 3 feet and can live a long time with proper healthy care. >> they're super sweet. >> reporter: the joys of riding transportation that comes in different forms. chris wen, abc 7 news. friendly enough but still creepy. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> looking gorgeous outside, we see the sunsetting behind us. drew tuesdayman standing by. >> we're wrapping up a record setting day. nine cities set new records are tied old once. we got all that warmth earlier today. we have clear skies over head in most spots. if you need the ac or perhaps the fan last night, you're going to need it again tonight.
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if you're craving these fall-like temperatures you're going to have to wait until the weekend, specifically sunday. that's wen temperatures go back to reality. outside camera showing a gorgeous sunset occurring right now. a few high clouds off the coast that give you a great back drop of that setting sun. we do have mainly clear skies and that's what's going to prevail over the next 12 hours. we were in the the only one that had this warmth overhead. 91 at sfo. l.a., 104. 102 in palm springs. here in the bay area we were warmer than las vegas which were the upper 80s. 86 right now. vallejo, 85, and san francisco. 87 cloverdale, same in san jose. antioch checking in at 83 degrees. the temperatures slow to drop
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over the next 12 hours. tonight another mild to warm night, clear skies from the coast. 64, half moon bay. 59 san jose. 57, concord. 50 one of the coolest spots for santa rosa. if you track our temperatures, once that sun gets up here it's going to warm or atmosphere. by 9:00, watch the time stamp. well into the 70s and the numbers continue to rise. by 1:00 tomorrow spots well into the 80s or 90s. highs in the micro climate, south bay for wednesday, 89 tomorrow. 82 more began hill. 84 san matteo, 86 for palo alto. 80 the high for half moon bay. total sun shine high of 76 for tomorrow afternoon.
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90 to calistoga. 88 navarro, 84 vallejo. east bay well above normal. oakland 87. 87 fremont. 90 walnut creek. 93 brentwood, 90 for livermore. accuweather forecast the next seven days for you. stays warm across the region wednesday and thursday. cooler friday and relief is here area wide over the weekend. halloween feeling like fall. all those who are in the cost documents do not worry we're back to normal just in time. >> reality. it doesn't feel like halloween unless it's a little chilly. next at 6:00, the outrage housing market. >> a hou
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so dramatic. >> today we got our first peak at winchester. the house that ghosts bill. the home was built for firearm herr res for 38 years. she kept building to fool the ghost inside. follow up to see the movie this
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holiday season you're out of luck, it opens in february. you'll have to settle for a visit at the actual house which is hosting candle light in the house. >> here's a sign of a tight mark house here in the bay area. a house is for sale and it's totally uninhabitable. >> the single family moment behind there fence is going for 799, that doesn't sound bad considering the market. >> the house will have to be raised, the realtor things the price of the land is a steal. >> the plan to add san francisco to the stockton airport has been put on hold. >> the change is a brand to boast -- to vote today, however they did delay that vote.
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representative jackie spear and sfo's director both sent letters saying it would be misleading. the stockton metro is 81 miles from sfo. more force allegations at a south bay jail. dan norris is next. also on abc 7 news, the new developments tonight involving the evacuation of the oakmont senior living facility during these fires. plus -- >> fooled ourselves for long enough. >> another republican senator reaches a breaking point on president trump. hear.
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he wasn't being verbally or physically aggressive, he needed help. >> a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed today against the civil county sheriff's department. >> it alleges jail guards used force on a suicidal inmate and failed to address his medical
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problem leading to liz death. >> dan with the story on this. >> this is a tough case, a suicidal inmate won't respond to guards so they hit him with prepper spray, and finally a cell ex traction team. 32-year-old walter rojas arrived at the -- record show he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and psycho sas and rochas reused to take medication at the jail so his mental illness had not been treated. >> he was not a threat to anybody or had no weapons to himself to be a threat himself. >> this lawsuit was filed today on behalf of his mother. an inmate told a mental health worker-s work he was sad and suicidal so
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jail guards decided to move him. guards declared pepper spray several ti three times in the stomach with classic projectiles from a rifle gun at 303 still no response. the lawsuit says he sat there. so the jail sent an ex traction team to take rochas down. >> the problem is when the only tool you have is a hammer everyone looks like a nail. so walter rochas needed their help and kindness and for them to see he was ailing. >> he died in the cell a week later. he also died from a untreated your fair tract infection. no excellent from the sheriff's department or county counsel they say they haven't received or reviewed the lawsuit yet.
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sources who are familiar familiar with the training here told me the guards not only violated policy but the guidelines of the manufacturer. >> jailers tell me the guards should not have fired that gun through the food port or hit him at close range and use the 303 on the mentally ill inmate who was not presenting a danger to himself or others. i questioned the sheriff about the gun three years ago. have you now banned the use of the bun with a mentally inmate. >> we've banned it entirely. >> the 303 cannot be used in any cell extraction. walter rochas died a month after another mentally ill inmate. new tonight. now new tonight social services opened a third
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investigation into an evacuation -- living in santa rosa following the fires two weeks ago. abc 7 reporter melanie woodrow broke the story. she joins us live with needs new details. >> oakmont senior living is made up of four facilities. investigations on three of those four. new -- that's in addition to very rayna at -- kill la capris -- villa capris is the building that burned down. oakmont had filed a response to the lawsuit we told you about last week. the lawsuit was filed by attorney katherine last month prior to follow. it alleges oakmont dupes residence and family members by accessing care givers need and
7:36 pm
charging families accordingly but not adjusting to staff levels to meet those needs. the claim is a proposed class action lawsuit. the attorney who filed the claim says that residence who evacuate the building storing the recent fires are possible members of the class. in its response attorneys for oakmont senior living argued complaint can not stand against a class action because each plaintiff has a different experience. oakmont senior live's attorney also maid a motion to dismiss claiming the statement fail to present a clause of action. finally, attorneys for oakmont senior living the court should ab taken from adjudicating because it would require to court to presume the role of social services. >> the attorney who filed that claim against oakmont living senior has 14 days to respond to the response. in the newsroom, melanie
7:37 pm
woodrow, abc 7 news. november 18th is a long way off but not if you're republicans for office. for the second time in three days the democratic candidates met face to face to talk about california's pressing issues and their ideals to solve them. here's carolin tyler. >> reporter: when jerry brown wraps up his unprecedenting fourth and final terminate next year there are four democrats who want the job. state treasure john chong. former state superintendent of public instruction delane easton. they're in campaign mode. most issues debated at a forum today there was little disagreement. for example, on support for california as a sanctuary state. >> it really should be about what our values are, who we are
7:38 pm
as americans. ordinary person education as a priority. >> so you do need to reinvest in education. >> we have to go on global activity and based on that it's important to education. >> reporter: the housing crisis. >> 49 out of 50th in the united states if the number of burke housing units. >> reporter: events like this give the candidates a chance to size each other up and send an early message. >> that shows tat political people and the voters are going to start now focusing on what is california's marquee race in 2018. >> reporter: a similar event is in the works for republican candidates. carolin tyler. abc 7 news. tonight another republican senator is taking aim at the president. it came in a saving statement as arizona jeff flake announced he will not run for reelection. >> reckless, outrageous and
7:39 pm
undignified behavior has become excused and count nance of telling it like it is. when it is actually reckless outrageous and undig nighed. when suffer behavior imnats from the top of our government it is something else. it is dangerous to a democracy. such behavior does not project strength because our strength comes from our values. it instead projects a corruption of the spirit and weakness. it is often said children are watching, well they are. and what are we going to do about that? when the next generation asks us, why didn't you do something, why didn't you speak up, what are we going to say? were the show on the other foot, we republicans -- would we republicans meekly accept such behavior on display from
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dominant democrats, of course we wouldn't, and we would be wrong if we did. >> flake called for a return to
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for the very first time uber suffered a decline in business. a 8% decrease on business in the city. uber struggling to deal with a number of scandals including harassment, suit. all the way seattle lift saw its gain of business related of 3%. amazon is already headquartered in seattle and considering bids for more than 200 cities and region to be its second home. the winner get 60,000 jobs and a big boost in development. san jose 18 to 1 and sacramento 30 to 1. next at 6:00 from 7 on your
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side, the hassle a bay area woman dialed up w
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an east bay woman attempted to ditch ore carrier and get one of those sweet deals. >> 7 on our side michael fenny tells us what went wrong. >> it pays to negotiate. our viewer told her carrier she was thinking of switching and that got their tensioattention,t get her a deal? she wound up coming to me after she paid up. >> i wen in to pay my bill at the sprint store. >> she complained to the manager, $400 for two phone lines. >> i said this bill's getting so ridiculous i'm thinking of changing carriers. >> the manager said come back on customer appreciation day she could get a great deal. she did. >> you may for two lines you get
7:48 pm
three more free. i left there really happy. >> she figured it was her reward for years of royalty until she got her first bill. >> it was over $400. how can this be. >> adrian marched back to the store, the manager apologized. after three hours with the billing department the manager straight ntd it out or did he. >> next thing you know my phone was shut off. >> now there was a new manager. >> you're charging her for an old plan, late fees, reconnection fees. >> this time for sure it was straightened out right? >> a few days later my phone was disconnected again. >> and her bill kept climbing from $400 to more than $600 in april. then past $1,000 in june. andrea contacted 7 on your side. we contacted sprint. right away sprint reduced her bill telling us it seems there
7:49 pm
was a clerical error when setting up miss gomez account. our team apologized for the mistake and corrected her billing rate. now her old phone number is ringing again. >> fog albert accomplished until 7 on your side got involved. you guys are fantastic. >> sprint also refunded her for late fees and reconnection fees. she says she appreciate the effort of the manager trying for months to straightened out the bill. i want to here from you. you can reach me through facebook on thanks michael. getting to the weather now, talking about that warm spell. >> it was summer lightning, meteorologist drew truman is here. >> the day spent in the 90s for many of us. lows over night 61 san francisco. dropped to 60 in fremont. 66 over night in richmond. 62 in ant yak.
7:50 pm
another warm hot day around the region. 90 in concord, 90 the high the san jose. hot and mild on the coast tomorrow. warm inland on thursday. the numbers will cool down friday. saturday and sunday you'll feel that relief. the marine layer return sunday night. you'll see the fog feeling with us for halloween night. >> just in time. drew thanks. a lot going on in srts to talk about. >> larry beal back from his trip and dance party. >> can we skip out the dancing on saturday? >> way past that. >> it lives on the internet. >> it's gone, we shut that down. if i could laugh va ball off the back and dunk it i'd do that all
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which may flare up and cause serious liver problems during and after harvoni treatment. tell your doctor if you've ever had hepatitis b, a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv or any other medical conditions and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni can cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. good evening, mar rhie pulled off an awesome play move.
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an nba game frowned upon by some. if you're young you probably think this is so cool just to do this in a game. if you're from the get-off-my-lawn you whipper snapper dem graph you may think this is not a good thing to do. today the nba player game to bell's defense. >> coach tells us to always play to the end, the final buzzer, we also have a code as well on our league. i don't know, man. we're all men, stop me from dunking. we not trying to hurt nobody, we want to play hard to the final end of the buzzer. would it very much okay because he -- have been okay because he laid the ball up. it wouldn't have been no conversation. so play the game until it's
7:55 pm
over. threw it off the glass, dunk it. show up. >> reaction. that was amazing. to the surprise of nobody the nfl hold marshawn lynch's suspension until after the game. no beast mode on sunday. a hit or derek carr, ended up shoveling the review, ref. the raiders will have to fill the void with jalen ra shard and deion washington. >> i'd love to have him for his next game but yeah we are -- he's the best teammate we could ask for. he's always willing to step up for his teammates. just sucks how fast everything happens. wish somebody could have grabbed him and kept him on the sideline. but we got to deal with it. >> you saw ballman there he's
7:56 pm
been the talk of raiders cap. he played 60 of 62 snaps in his debut which comes a matter of days after its been decided. love the team with 11 tackles and embracing the tacking of learning on the fly. >> we have this full week of preparation, i look forward to getting better. i felt like last week was a challenge for me personally, and i wish for the raiders to put me out there so fast, so i didn't want to let them down. i also wanted to step up to the challenge. >> the football team will need to be perfect the rest of the season if they want any hope of reaching the college football play off. even then it's going to be tough. fortunately they have love on their side, that would be brice love or do they? even with last week off, love leaves the entire nation of russian but he's day-to-day in the entire state.
7:57 pm
they need to capitalize on the one and six beavers with or without love. >> if we can't do fine, he'll go to the next week hopefully. he's out there, he's going to get the ball. he's a phenomenal player, the best in the nation, we'll get the ball and try -- >>? >> h >> he's not hurting for touch downs he's really really fast. >> and he is. justin turner with a 2-run home. i think the dodgers will win state dodgers and six. >> you're going to put money on that? >> yeah, yeah. >> calling you out. just just saying. >> new girl. >> larry thank you. >> join us tonight on coffey channel 13 at 9:00.
7:58 pm
on abc 7 news at 11:00 restaurants in the north bay coming together as we speak to support fire victims. our crew there listening to stories from those impacted by the fire and trying to help. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter @abc 7 by the way area. twitter @abc 7 by the way area. >> we'll see you tonig
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